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Medio Foundation

Medio foundation is a small volunteers' organization the Netherlands, working in the media.Since we think that media and journalists in less wealthy circumstances than ours should take the lead in the debate on ‘development' and ‘equality' we regularly support projects and programmes that support media abroad.

Media Development Media are developing at the speed of light (or even faster). ‘Social media' is the name of the game nowadays, and they are also useful (may be especially so...) to poorer communities. But not all is Internet that shines, the Kivufoon project proves this.  


Radio 2.0

We often work with the concept of Radio 2.0.
Radio 2.0 is a proposal to integrate the use and tools of New Media (Media 2.0) into the practices of community radio.

Our structure is simple and transparent: we have established a foundation in the Netherlands, so that everybody can be sure that contributions to the foundation will be used for the purpose they are meant for.
Meanwhile volunteers develop their own projects. If they are based on genuine needs and represent the will of the people they are assumed to cater for we do ‘host' them under our umbrella.
With 5 board members we guarantee the independence, transparency and effectiveness of the projects we host.

Our philosophy has always been the same: people need a voice in order to be able to fully participate in public debate: they have the right on (their part) of public space. All projects lik Nicaragua (working with the disabled), Salvador (working with marginalized political groups), Angola (where all independent voices were - and still are - marginalized) and finally now the (not so) Democratic Republic of Congo (where women who are taking their safety in their own hands) deserve our support, and we try to do that as much as we can.

In this sense we always work together with likeminded organisations such as Worldcom Foundation and LolaMoraproducciones in the actual project of Kivufoon.

The board.



In our history we supported mainly projects of community, or as we prefer citizen journalists: a printshop and publishing company in Nicaragua and a silk-screen company in El Salvador, just after the end of the war in the eighties of last century; in the nineties we supported emerging newspapers in Angola, after, during and in between wars. 

In the new millennium Medio published a book on 'glue sniffers' in Nicaragua and one of our members wrote a chronicle on the small village of Comalapa in Nicaragua.

Since 2005 we follow and cherish the work of LolaMora Producciones (www.lolamora.net) in the realm of media (mass media and community media), supporting women all over the world in their struggles against (politically driven) all forms of violence against women and children, specially but not only, in context of armed conflict.

But we are a ‘do it yourself' organization, and dependent on the work of volunteers, so at some stages there is little activity.

Nevertheless we dragged ourselves (by the hairs) out of the daily work, most of ourselves are immersed in and started supporting a project called ‘Kivufoon': in the East of the DRC (the Kivu's in Congo) a radio station (Mandeleo from Bukavu) and a collective of feminist journalists (AFEM-SK) called our attention to a project they want to undertake.

It started in March 2012 soonest and can count on a broad support group in the Netherlands. The 1% club is also supporting the project: www.1procentclub.nl/projects/kivufoon